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Our Services at Epinimbus

At EpiNimbus we have been helping businesses with their presence online for many years now. Over the years, a key area we’ve observed for a business’s online success is to view Social Media and Search Engine Marketing as a continual process, not a one-time, set and forget exercise. We know that you don’t have the time and expertise (or an unlimited marketing budget) to get the results required to make it worth your while, so take comfort knowing you can leave it to us. To ensure your business succeeds online we’ll continue to work with you to monitor and optimise the performance of your search marketing strategy on a regular basis, to ensure your visibility online never stops growing. We’re not successful unless you are increasing click-throughs to your website and maximising engagement and conversion rates, and in turn growing your revenue.

Thanks to our thorough monitoring policy and the proven competence of as an expert in local, social, and search marketing, we’re able to quickly solve any unforeseen issues and stay on top of emerging trends. We’ll let you know when major updates become available that you need to be aware of to improve your online marketing strategies, and ensure that every effort you undertake generates the expected results.

Paid Search Advertising on Google AdWords

Increase your conversions and revenue, while keeping your ad costs low, with our fully managed Google Adwords campaigns. Show up at the right time, for people searching in locations you service, instead of paying for clicks that won’t lead to real business.

At EpiNimbus, we monitor your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts, organic and local traffic and keyword rankings. We will recommend how to improve your natural and paid search ranking. With real metrics from your presence online, we can fine-tune everything for your Google AdWords from geographical location, ad copy, ad extensions to schedule and budget. We’ll generate detailed reports of your progress towards your goals, and provide you with complete access to the results for your search engine marketing efforts.

Social Media Management and Advertising

Engage with your current customers and reach new prospects through social media with our targeted social media campaign management services. Target your branded content posts and paid ads to the right audience to grow your brand, customer loyalty, and revenue.

Our Social Media management and advertising service develops campaigns that both connect your audience with your brand, and also drive real business growth. We offer our services in order to support your brand’s pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Depending on your industry and target audience, we will work with you to build your presence the most appropriate combination of social platforms that will deliver the biggest impact to your business in terms of increased engagement and revenue.

Additional Digital Marketing Services

Don’t have a website yet? We can help get you started. How about an email marketing campaign? We’ve got that covered too!

Whether your business needs help with copywriting, an email campaign, a landing page for a specific campaign, or a whole new website, we are here to make sure you get the best results. We will continue to work with you to monitor and optimize the performance of your website, email campaign, social pages, and search marketing on a regular basis, to ensure your business always front of mind for ready to buy customers.

Find out why EpiNimbus is the trusted search engine marketing and social advertising agency for businesses in Sydney who are looking for growth both online and offline.

What’s in a name?

Epi is a prefix meaning above or over
Nimbus refers to a luminous cloud or surrounding halo

At EpiNimbus our goal to be the halo surrounding your business, being your saving grace when it comes to digital marketing, social media and getting you found online by those who are actually looking for your products and services where you provide them. We know you don’t have an unlimited budget so we focus on reducing acquisition costs and improving your ROI on an ongoing basis, by targeting local customers that are ready to buy.

How We Work at EpiNimbus

Central to all of our services is transparency. We provide visual reporting on the performance of your digital presence and advertisements on an ongoing basis. Everything is set up on your own accounts, so you can keep what has been configured for you if you decide to stop using our services. Most importantly, we will not only generate easy to read and detailed reports but also provide you with access in real time.

Adwords Analytics - EpiNimbus
  • Setup of Google Analytics

  • Listing on Google’s My Business (places listing) to get you on Google Maps

  • Adwords campaign setup, on-going monitoring and performance tuning

  • Social Media Management and Paid Advertising (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

  • Regular analytics and reports

  • SEO Assessment of your website

  • Setup of Google Webmastertools

  • Submission to Local business directories (hotfrog, yelp, yellowpages)

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